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Dr. Ali Zorrieh Habib Tabrizi

In 1945 a boy born in a family full of colors of carpets and arts who the parents named him “Ali”.

He was too intended in his family profession and was curious on its different aspects. So when he was 13 years old, he reached a perfect ability in weaving carpets such as pictorial or ordinary ones.

Although weaving pictorial carpet was an impressive art that he followed with happiness. But still something was less for his fulfillment and he was to find new thing in this field. So he toke out the carpet from the frame and made it 3 dimensional. 3D weaving was an art that created by Ali Zorrieh Habib.

He extended his business in this field and continued to create 2D and 3D carpets. As a result he became famous in Tabriz and many people was worked in his workshops.

After Iran’s Revolution conditions changed and because of having less materials due to sanctions, his field of business wasn’t so successful like the past. So he decided to start from the first and migrated to Mashhad to be in neighborhood of Imam Reza.

So he made his business greater again and even this time he was more successful. He exported his artworks to many countries such as United States, France, Swiss, UAE, Egypt, Canada, Georgia and others.

From his artworks we can mention to pictorial carpets of stories and portraits, knot weaving, later weaving and two-side weaving.

Besides this, he trained many people till now and extended this art through the people who loved to learn this art. The way still continues…

He has many certificates and received many awards for his efforts. Check Certificates page to read more in this case.  He also got 1st rank artistic certificate from Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

No1 Artificial Certificate
No1 Artificial Certificate of Dr. Ali Zorrieh Habib Tabrizi

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